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Don't Count It Forever: Changing Meter in Dream Theater's "Dance of Eternity"


Y'all can count this one out yourselves. This is way worse than the conducting final that Dr. Thomas gave us at FSU. Way. Worse. 

Introduction: Dream Theater was born in 1985 after three students at Berklee College of Music met up, subsequently decided to leave school and pursue their band, and become one of the most beloved metal bands around. Described as a progressive metal band, the band employs many prog rock hallmarks in their music as well as very fast tempos and extremely guitar driven sound. "Dance of Eternity" appears on the 1999 album Metropolis 2: Scenes from a Memory (listed on the album as "Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity"). The album hit both the Billboard Top 200 both in the US & UK, a feat for a concept album from an unusual band that received almost no radio airplay. The band has been nominated for Grammy Awards in 2011 & 2013, both for Best Metal Performance. Their true legacy, however, may be their devout fan base.

Analysis: Like, honestly, I'm not going to count that much. Seriously I'm just not going to do it. Listen for yourself. The meter changes. A lot.

Considerations for Teaching: This song is instrumental, and unless your students are into slightly obscure metal, this song might be slightly off-putting to them. Play it anyway.

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