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Free Beginning Band Stuff for YOU!!

Need an extra tune for your Beginning Band for your spring concert?  Are you kids obsessed with playing Frere Jacques and Ode to Joy (numbers 81 & 131 in the "Red Book", respectively)?  

Then take this.  No.  I mean it.  Take it.  I diddled this up three years ago when I was out of ideas for my (deeply challenging) Beginning Band my first year at a new school, and I'm using it again this year for my (vastly improved) Beginning Band at same said school (that I love).  

Don't forget: for us music teachers, no matter what else is happening in the world, it is our duty to keep kids playing music.  If sharing this means it's easier to keep kids playing music, then I did something right.  

(Feel free to share away, and I don't think copyright issues are of particular concern here -- just don't snake me and take credit for the arrangement.  Thanks y'all!!)  

Score & Parts - "Joyful John" (for Beginning Band)

AND HERE'S ANOTHER LINK!!  While you're covering this, your kids might like watching this.  Heads up: I know it's an advertisement for a bank, and it's intended to play on your emotions.  Well it works.  I tear up every time I watch it.  Enjoy.  

(YouTube commentators are hardly a reliable source for, well, anything, but it seems there is a consensus that this video produces waterworks among its viewers.)

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