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Melodic & Harmonic Concepts


Interval Reinforcers


Obviously, there are many different types of modulations, although the "Gear Shift" is one of the more common types heard in popular music.  Here, they will be divided into three categories.

General Key Change Examples

Minor/Major Transitions

Flattened Submediant Modulation


Much of Western music, and a large majority of popular music, is heard in basic Ionian mode (do re me fa sol la ti do), but there are six other modes based on the same scale degrees.  Here are a few examples that show up in popular music.

Dorian Mode

Phrygian Mode

Mixolydian Mode

Aeolian Mode 


Popular music features a number of typical cadences, but sometimes, a less standard cadence appears in a pop song.

Deceptive cadence

PIcardy Third

Aeolian Cadence

  • The Beatles - "Not a Second Time"

  • Sonic Youth - "The Diamond Sea"


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Direct (???) Modulation & Symmetrical Compound Meter in Queen's "We Are the Champions"

Rhythm & Meter Concepts