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what's this blog about again?

Sometimes I don't explain myself very clearly.  So I'll let the many tags I've used on my blog entries speak for themselves.  <3  (Yes, I also talk about many of these items in my classroom, too.)

13/8, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 7/4, 70s week, 80s week, 90s week

A Tribe Called QuestActual jazzAdvocating for our kids, Aeolian mode, Alternative, Alternative rock, Amadeus, Anarchy in the UK (huh)Anna Magdelena Bach’s notebook, Art Blakey, Ascending intervals, Asymmetrical compound meterAsymmetrical simple meterAugmentation

Bacharach & David, Bad words, Beatles, Beethoven, Beginning Band, Billy Corgan, Billy JoelBlue Note, Bluegrass, Bowie, Burnout

CadenceCanadians, Changing meter,  Charlie Parker, Chromatic pivot modulation, Classic albums, Classic pop, Classic rock, Compliment game, Could be in ¾, Country, Cross-rhythm, Cult favorites, Cultural exchange

Descending intervals, Direct modulation, DISDisco, Dorian mode, Drumline, Duke Ellington

Education, Electro-pop, Emergency lesson plans, EmpathyExplanation

Fallen brotherFavorite songs, Feel free to pinFive four Folk, FormattingFreddie Hubbard, Fringe, From the Brits, FSUFun, Fun lists

 Gear shiftGenerations, Girl group, GroovyGrowing up

Hamilton, Happy birthday, He's Australian mate, Heard somewhere else, Heavy metal, Herbie Hancock, Hip-hop

In MemoryIndie pop,  Indie rock,  Inspiration, Irish artists

Jamming, Janelle Monae, Je t’adore, John ColtraneJust for fun

Kim Gordon

Learning theory, Leslie Odom Jr., Lesson plans, Library of Congress, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Locrian mode, Lord of the Rings, Lorde, Louis Armstrong, Love love love

Major second, Major seventh, Major sixth, Major third, Major to minor, Marching band, Mature subject matter, Memorium, Metal, Michael Jackson, Minor key, Minor sixth, Minor third, Minor to major, Mirror intervals, Mixolydian mode, Mono and stereo, Motown, Moulin Rogue, Movies, Movies about music, Muppets, Music education in movies, Music making in movies, Musical theatre

Nat King Cole, Neko Case, Nerdery, New wave, Nostalgia , Number one song

Old school, One hit wonders, Opera, Orlando, Oscars, Outlining a major triad

Patience, Penned by Prince, Pentatonic scales, Perfect fifth, Perfect fourth, Phillippa Soo, Phrygian mode, Piano, Piano rock, Picardy third, Pop, Presidential election, Prince, Prince of Denmark’s March, Prog rock lite, Progressive rock, Protest music, Punk

Quarter note triplets

R&B, Rent, Retreat activity, RIP, Rock, Ron Carter

Safe for class, Saying hi, Scandanavian pop stars, School of Rock, SCHOOL’S OUT, Scotland for some reason, Secret nerdery, Simple meter, Sixties week, Somewhat inappropriate, Somewhat scary, Sonic Youth, Soul, Stevie, Stevie Wonder, Stories, Summertime, Sunshine pop, Sweden, Symmetrical compound meter, Synths

Tchaikovsky, Teaching survival, Teaching mission, Teen heartthrob, Teenage times, The Muppet Movie, Thelonius Monk, Those vocals though, Throwback, Tony Williams, Too dark for kids, Tori, Triplets, Tritones, Totally inappropriate, Tutorials

Unplanned lessons, Up a half step, Up for debate

White teeth teens, Women in rock, Work work






Two Time Signatures at Once: Cross-Rhythm in Tears for Fears's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

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